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Umarex SA177. Air Pistol.

Before we start talking about «Umarex SA177», wants to remind you that air pistols for self-defense is not intended. All airguns, which can be legally purchased without a permit is intended solely for sports or recreational shooting. The reason for the preparation of material for pneumatic gun «Umarex» was the fact that our country can not issue a license to carry handguns rifle, rewarding weapons do not count. The number of shooting galleries is negligible, in small towns they do not. What to do if you want to do, such as practical shooting, and you are not a family member of the oligarch? It is known that most of the preparation of the dry firing, it is idle exercise. One that is outside the shooting range by using, for example, MMG (Deactivated Guns) gun, but here again the problem …

01. Umarex SA177. Air Pistol.

Paradoxically, in our country, for the Deactivated pistol at caliber 9×19 we have to put at least 2000 U.S. dollars. The most popular shooters models, such as «Glock-17, 34,” or «CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow», even for such large sums of money are hard to find. Layouts and traumatic (less-lethal weapon) version of the pistol Makarov or FORT more accessible, but for obvious reasons are not suitable for the preparation because of its caliber 9×18. Whatever it may sound ridiculous, especially for our neighbors from the Moldavia, our hands, including members of the IPSC, often forced to “dryfiring” with pneumatic or airsoft guns. As we found out it was «Umarex SA177» often use for “dryfiring”, because of its similarity to «Glock-17″ and an affordable price. So we decided to tell today a little bit about it.

06. Umarex SA177. Air Pistol.

By its dimensions Pistol «Umarex SA177» is perfect for testing and removal of the grip by the “dryfiring”, who prefers guns «Glock». We can also work out the descent, although the pneumatic version is it different in character and effort. In «Umarex SA177» course longer and considerably more effort (3.6 kg) than the original «Glock-17″ (typically 2.5 kg). The main drawback «Umarex SA177» is the presence of highly protruding buttons on the right side of the fuse box. The original gun «Glock» a button there, so it can be a problem with the selection of holsters and have this button once to cut.

02. Umarex SA177. Air Pistol.

Features air pistol «Umarex SA177»:

  • Power supply: 12-gram CO2 cylinder
  • Caliber: 4,5 mm (.177) BB
  • Magazine capacity: 19 charges (BB)
  • Applicable “ammunition”: spherical steel bullets
  • Number of shots from a bottle: Approximately 80-95 full at 20 ° C
  • Blow-Back: Yes
  • Length: 185 mm
  • Barrel length: 110 mm
  • Power: less than 3 J
  • Weight: 662 grams
  • Muzzle velocity: 116-125 m / s

05. Umarex SA177. Air Pistol.

The quality of the air pistol «Umarex SA177» is quite good. Parts fit well, the store is made of light alloy and has a convenient charging. Stroke the bolt is very easy, when removed from the slide gate delay is fed forward unnaturally slowly and smoothly. The shutter is made of light alloy. Shop holds up to nineteen balls. One 12-gram CO2 cylinder lasts about 80 tons of high-grade shots. Further, the power decreases rapidly and the system BLOW-BACK tends to zero, so that the bolt on the slide stop after the exhaustion of the charges does not get. After 100 rounds to shoot comfortably and not have to change to a new cartridge.

08. Umarex SA177. Air Pistol.

Sights are comfortable and bright thanks to fiber-optic inserts, but they look completely different than that of the original «Glock». Nevertheless, the convenience of sight is not affected. CO2 cylinder in the open air pistol «Umarex SA177» provides good precision and accuracy of the fight (see video clip below). The average velocity of the ball at a distance of 1 meter from the muzzle of 120 meters per second, after 50 shots the speed begins to fall slowly. The maximum recorded speed of a chronograph is just over 126 meters per second. Gun barrel «Umarex SA177» mobile, made of metal. Muzzle has a decorative box that simulates a full-fledged military caliber.

In general, air pistol «Umarex SA177» quite pleasant to use and high-quality toy that if there is no other way out is fine as a budget option for practicing basic skills IPSC and IDPA. Speaking of entertainment, “shooting at beer jars” that «Umarex SA177» ideal. The price of «Umarex SA177» in foreign online stores ranging from 55 to 60 U.S. dollars. Excellent value for quality. In Ukraine and Russia, the gun is about two times more expensive and less U.S. $ 100 to buy it problematic.

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