Jul 16 2012

The «Erma PP-T». A less lethal version of Walther PP pistol.

A less lethal pistol «PP-T» produced by «ERMA-INTER», is located in Kiev, UKRAINE. The «Erma PP-T» is a clone of the legendary «Walter PP» pistol. The gun fires rubber bullets packed in a 9mm P.A. case. A 9mm PA is non-lethal caliber with blanks, tear gas and rubber bullet loads. The rubber bullet pistols were developed by «ERMA-INTER» for shooting just rubber bullet ammunition, and it is impossible to use the normal ammunition without destroying the pistol.

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The model «Erma PP-T» 9mm P.A. is specially made for active self-defense and home defense because the rubber bullets have a lower stopping power (muzzle energy of 35J & 50J). The use of gas and noise rounds is also possible with manual reload. The injurious effect is provoked by a pain shock of being hit with a rubber ball of 10.2 mm diameter and weight of 0.7 gram. The effective range is up to 7 meters. The aluminum frame, steel slide and parts of the firing mechanism, heavily loaded in shooting, make the pistol durable and extend its service life. >>>

Jul 08 2012

Fort-17R. Ukrainian Less Lethal (traumatic) pistol.

The Fort-17R is a semi-automatic Less Lethal (traumatic) pistol for non-lethal rubber ammunition (9 mm P.A.\ .45) or tear gas ammunition which was designed by Ukrainian firearms designer RPC Fort. The Fort-17R is a blowback operated, double action pistol. Manual safety is mounted on the left side of the slide only, and locks the hammer either in cocked or in lowered position.

01. Fort-17R. Ukrainian Less Lethal (traumatic) pistol. It's shoot non-lethal rubber bullets.

Guns are manufactured in standard grade with matte finish. This model has frame made of highly durable plastic reinforced by steel – as result it has reduced weight which is important for every day carrying. As the combat “Fort 17” this pistol has interchangeable back straps enabling to fit the grip size to the shooter’s hand. Magazine is of double column type, and holds 12 rounds of ammunition, magazine release button is located at the base of the trigger guard, on the left side of the frame. >>>

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