Jul 03 2012

Russian less-lethal ammunition “TEHKRIM 9 mm P.A.” with rubber bullets.

Today we tell you about the traumatic (less-lethal) ammunition at 9 mm P.A. caliber cartridge by JSC “Tehkrim”. Joint Stock Company “Tehkrim” organized in December 1991 in the city of Izhevsk (Russia) and is engaged in the production of not only less-lethal rounds, but it also produces ammunition for shotguns, test cartridges, aerosol devices, lachrymatory irritant substances (gas cartridges) and special funds for the state military organizations. All products of JSC “Tehkrim” certified by Gosstandart of Russia, but not certified in Ukraine, so the cartridges from the Ukraine, “TEHKRIM” are legal so just how much “is legal” so-called “nesertifikat.”

01. Russian less-lethal ammunition TEHKRIM 9 mm P.A. with rubber bullets.

The issue before us today, chuck “TEHKRIM 9 mm P.A.” is marked “70 J”. This is the most common certified in Russia cartridge which is fired from a pistol IZH-79-9T, nicknamed “Makaritch” gave power of about “50 J”. When firing these cartridges from the same traumatic gun “IL-79-9TM” energy is slightly higher and amounts to about “70 J”. According to cleverly used the fact that retailers rounds, but in fact any specified energy bullets can not be considered reliable because depending on the design of a barrel, the same cartridge can produce very different energy, and + \ – 20Dzh in this case no special role plays. Regardless of the label, “TEHKRIM 9 mm P.A. – 50 J “and” 9 mm TEHKRIM P.A. – 70 J “is exactly the same ammo, differing only marking on the package. >>>