Jul 03 2012

Umarex SA177. Air Pistol.

Before we start talking about «Umarex SA177», wants to remind you that air pistols for self-defense is not intended. All airguns, which can be legally purchased without a permit is intended solely for sports or recreational shooting. The reason for the preparation of material for pneumatic gun «Umarex» was the fact that our country can not issue a license to carry handguns rifle, rewarding weapons do not count. The number of shooting galleries is negligible, in small towns they do not. What to do if you want to do, such as practical shooting, and you are not a family member of the oligarch? It is known that most of the preparation of the dry firing, it is idle exercise. One that is outside the shooting range by using, for example, MMG (Deactivated Guns) gun, but here again the problem …

01. Umarex SA177. Air Pistol.

Paradoxically, in our country, for the Deactivated pistol at caliber 9×19 we have to put at least 2000 U.S. dollars. The most popular shooters models, such as «Glock-17, 34,” or «CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow», even for such large sums of money are hard to find. Layouts and traumatic (less-lethal weapon) version of the pistol Makarov or FORT more accessible, but for obvious reasons are not suitable for the preparation because of its caliber 9×18. Whatever it may sound ridiculous, especially for our neighbors from the Moldavia, our hands, including members of the IPSC, often forced to “dryfiring” with pneumatic or airsoft guns. As we found out it was «Umarex SA177» often use for “dryfiring”, because of its similarity to «Glock-17″ and an affordable price. So we decided to tell today a little bit about it. >>>