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Tactical Bag “Bodyguard 9-XL». An updated version.

On the basis of the first version of the bag “Bodyguard 9-XL”, which we described earlier, Security company “Deviatka” has designed an improved version, taking into account all the requests and wishes of the previous model owners. For the convenience of bearing, the belt was changed and shoulder pads area was enlarged, as well as the inside pocket on the left side of the belt was broadened. And as a result, mobile phone or smart phone with dimensions similar to iPhone can be placed in it. The scheme of closing section for weapon storage was also changed. In new version of tactical bag zipper is used instead of buttons. The main innovation of the new model is the ability to use replacement valves. Now you can quickly and easily change the view of the front part of the bag, and adapt it to any mode of dress. This fact allows realizing the possibility of masking tactical bag and also makes it possible to carry in a pocket of the mounting valve accessories such as a web tablet Apple iPad. Designs of removable valves are made of vinyl, leather or hard denim, and drawings are applied with special paint, or by laser engraving.

The design of the tactical bag involves placing the pistol behind the main bag unit with individual placement of inside holster, and a system of immediate opening allows you to remove weapons quickly and quietly. Bag “Bodyguard 9-XL ” allows to carry out hidden videotaping, as with conventional video cameras so with professional special equipment. For this purpose there are special seats for fixing video – photographic technique with the possibility of hidden video through a special “window”. The mouth of the main compartment of renewed tactical bag “Bodyguard 9-XL” is equipped with a cord to tie that allows you to fix additional inside contents (notebook, camera or camcorder, iPad, or other similar device).

Tactical bag

Tactical Bag “Bodyguard 9-XL”. New variation. The side compartments have reserve magazines and radio communications set with extra batteries. The system of garniture laying wires allows you to place the radio communications set and headset wires in your bag and shoulder strap that allows you to comfortably lead radio communications, without attracting undue attention. It is possible to fasten the various patches on the outer valve. Optionally available to order customized accessories to the product.

02.Tactical bag Bodyguard 9-XL. New variation.

The system of tactical bag pockets “Bodyguard 9-XL” allows you to conveniently take out the contents with a single movement. Side pocket of the front part of the bag (at level belt, abdomen) can put a spare magazine and a tactical flashlight, which promotes the most rapid reloading of pistol or tactical flashlight extraction. The design of the bag provides a means of preventing loss of control equipment when working in a crowd. Inside pockets of the bag “The Bodyguard 9-XL” allow to fix useful device and things that are usually kept in the car because of their great number.

03.Tactical bag Bodyguard 9-XL. New variation.

Despite of its special purpose, tactical bag “Bodyguard 9-XL” can also be used by civilians, the owners of traumatic weapons. In the pockets of the “civilian” version of this bag you can keep half of a litre bottle of water (compartment for the radio station) and sunglasses (a storage compartment for spare magazines) – due to the successful location and rigid structure the probability of crushing the glasses is quite unlikely.

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