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«PELTOR» and «Howard». Electronic Hearing Protection.

It is well known that short-term or frequently repeated exposure to loud sound can cause hearing loss, and this process is irreversible. During the shooting of firearms shooter’s ears are always at risk, especially when shooting indoors. Protect the ears to help special passive or active earphones, earplugs, and some needle is inserted into the ears of even the spent cartridges. It should be understood that the use of a hearing protection earplugs or spent cartridges not only comfortable, but can be dangerous to health. Eardrums from exposure to loud sound of course, they will protect, but to earn over time, the ear mycosis can be quite fast. Earplugs reduce the noise level of about 20 dB, but they do not protect the bones of the skull around the ear, which are also conductors of sound. Passive headsets shooting well protect the organs of hearing, but they prevent the perception of ambient sounds and talk in the headphones or listen to the instructor team is almost impossible.


All these shortcomings are deprived of headphones for active shooting. Today’s active headset with one hand, provide protection from noise over 82 dB, on the other hand increase the ambient sounds by an average of 19-22 dB. The design allows the active headphones with volume control to strengthen the specific noises and sounds, allowing you to communicate not only comfortable, but also clearly hear the sounds of poorly distinguishable, which may be useful as a hunting, and in carrying out tactical exercises. Play is in stereo, so you can correctly identify the direction from which came the sound. Digital models of headphones block sound transmission only when the shot sounded.

04. «PELTOR» и «Howard». Активные наушники для защиты органов слуха.

There are, of course, active professional headphones, such as «Supreme Pro X MSA Sordin», whose price is within $ 300 U.S.. They are almost perfect and it even has a 100% w moisture protection, but the price is not conducive to mass distribution of local shooters. The most common in the domestic market (Ukraine, Russia), the budgetary active headphones are two models of «PELTOR TACTICAL 6S» and «Howard Leight Impact Sport», whose price is in the range of 60-70 U.S. dollars (the price including delivery to Ukraine from foreign online stores and auctions such as eBay). About them today and we’ll talk, what would determine which model is better at almost the same price.

06. «PELTOR TACTICAL 6S». Активные наушники для стрельбы.

Both headphones amplify ambient sounds up to safe levels, as well as provide sound protection for your hearing. Loud impulse sounds are instantly blocked and confined to a safe level. Stereo microphones allow you to detect the direction of the sound source, increasing the possibilities of communication and allowing them to use comfortably, without taking a long time. In both models, most of the parts is made of durable plastic. Headband headphones «Howard» is made of more expensive and quality materials than the «PELTOR».

The taste and color, no friends, the perception of taste and color of an individual, often one like the fact that I do not like the other, so to evaluate the design and ergonomics in the comparison, we did not, even though polls showed the shooters that looks more like the majority of active headphones «PELTOR TACTICAL 6S ». The main advantage of «Howard Leight Impact Sport» in terms of ergonomics, it’s easy to change batteries on the other hand, when folded, they are much larger than «PELTOR», and this is not always convenient. Despite the fact that «Howard» is used in half the battery, in practice, due to sophisticated design volume control and automatic shut-off system, «Howard» can work without changing the battery for much longer.

Noise Reduction Rating (NRR). Noise Level (SPL) in decibels (dB). The higher this value, the stronger the headphones suppress loud sounds. When the shooter puts on headphones, on his hearing of the appropriate sound level minus the NRR. For example, if the exposure level of 100 dB, and the headphones have a level of suppression of 20 dB NRR, the actual level of exposure to noise of 80 dB. NRR parameter is one of the key characteristics of headphones and active shooting «Howard Leight Impact Sport», though not much, just a 3 dB gain in «PELTOR TACTICAL 6S» in terms of noise reduction. Subjectively, the sound in the headphones «Howard Leight Impact Sport» seems to be more pure and natural.

Thus, if we do not take into account the size and weight, active headphones «Howard Leight Impact Sport» definitely win on all counts and are more reasonable choice than «PELTOR TACTICAL 6S».

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