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Photo gallery of the TRAVMATIK.COM (by-sa).

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1. Less Lethal (traumatic) pistol Fort-12R.

Fort-12R (, by-sa).

2. Less Lethal (traumatic) pistol PSM-R.

PSM-R (, by-sa).

3. Less Lethal (traumatic) pistoles PSM-R and Fort-12R.

Non Lethal Pistole (, by-sa).

4. Gas pistol Röhm RG96.

Rohm RG96 (, by-sa).

5. Fort-12 Pistol.

01. Fort-12 Pistol

6. Fort-12 Pistol.

02. Fort-12 Pistol

7. Fort-12 Pistol.

03. Fort-12 Pistol

8. Makarov PM Pistol (1970).

Пистолет Макарова ПМ (1970 г.). Makarov PM

9. F1 grenade (Russia)

01. F1 grenade (Russia).

02. F1 grenade (Russia).

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